On getting married

Two days before:

Mehendi wala waiting outside in the living room for me.

Me, inside the toilet "Fuck, I'm getting married for real!"

3 days to go

Three days to go. It's 3.45 am and I'm wide awake. I'm still not sure what am I thinking. My mind is blank. I dreamt of my bachelorette party. I had one last night. It was super fun. I had tequila :P 2 days to go. I'm still not sure how am I feeling.

10 days to go!!

The reverse countdown has begin!! I'm not sure how I feel though..I'm neither nervous, not crazy excited, nor ecstatic.. of course I'm looking forward to the day. But life right now is all about checklists and incessant rounds to different tailors. Hmmph.. And it's raining here. Lovely weather :) Hope all goes well. I wonder how life will change once I'm married.

Happiness is ...

... stolen moments of courtship! :)

The Best Feeling in the World...

...is when he's coming home!