Professional Life of an Army Wife

While discussing my career options after marriage:

Me: I'm so excited to be moving to J&K! I've always wanted to work there!!

Soldier: I hope you understand that it's not safe for you to travel to the villages. Being from the Army makes you extra vulnerable.

Me: Me (sharp mind at work): Well, I won't tell them I'm your wife! I'll pretend I'm a civilian.

Soldier (probably rolling his eyes): Like they won't know! 

Me: So what else am I supposed to do? 

Soldier: You know, if you want to, you can continue to work in you current job there.

Me: What's the point in getting married if we are anyway going to stay separately?" Then sarcastically, "May be, like other army wives,  I'll also ultimately have to become a school teacher."

Soldier (sincerely): But you need to have a B.Ed degree for that.

Me wondering: ??@@!!##

One of those moments in a relationship, when you don't know whether to be mad at your partner or to dote on his sweetness.

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