Our First House!

Just received the pictures of our first house!! Gosh, I'm so excited !!!

Can't wait to turn it into our home :D
Oh and the plaster is coming out today's an awesome day :)

Us Vs Them

Today I had my first fight on Army vs Civilian topic.

A colleague told me that Army 'people' do not do any work, enjoy three months leave on taxpayer's money and get everything in half price!!

How my blood boiled!

It's suddenly become us vs them. It's like suddenly a thin veil has been drawn between the  'others' and me, just because now I am affiliated to the Armed Forces.

Or may be it's in my mind. I hope I am not becoming arrogant. But I just get defensive when someone speaks ill of the Army now. Because I take it personally. Because I am personally experiencing the separation, the once a day phone calls, which I am grateful for as the soldier is in peace station. God knows how would've I managed was he posted in the field.

Professional Life of an Army Wife

While discussing my career options after marriage:

Me: I'm so excited to be moving to J&K! I've always wanted to work there!!

Soldier: I hope you understand that it's not safe for you to travel to the villages. Being from the Army makes you extra vulnerable.

Me: Me (sharp mind at work): Well, I won't tell them I'm your wife! I'll pretend I'm a civilian.

Soldier (probably rolling his eyes): Like they won't know! 

Me: So what else am I supposed to do? 

Soldier: You know, if you want to, you can continue to work in you current job there.

Me: What's the point in getting married if we are anyway going to stay separately?" Then sarcastically, "May be, like other army wives,  I'll also ultimately have to become a school teacher."

Soldier (sincerely): But you need to have a B.Ed degree for that.

Me wondering: ??@@!!##

One of those moments in a relationship, when you don't know whether to be mad at your partner or to dote on his sweetness.